The Buried City: The Sacred and the Mundane

With filmmakers Webb-Ellis   I’ve created new work relating to Josephine and the Rainbow Tribe for the forthcoming exhibition at Crescent Arts. Below are stills from the films. Encouragingly, I’m super excited to say that I’ve been awarded a grant to develop the project from the YVAN Artist Development Fund

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

The exhibition runs from 12th April – 17th May, Thurs – Sat 11 – 4

“In the case of display … the play of combat in the form of intimidation, the being gives of himself, or receives from the other, something that is like a mask , a double, an envelope, a thrown-off skin, thrown off in order to cover the frame of a shield. It is through this separated form of himself that can being comes into play in his effects of life and death.” [Jacques Lacan]

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