IMG_0546Man alone, Lord Russell,  no, does not have a future. There is the potential for humAN, fe<m>ALE kind, to secure a shift in consciousness. Championing this are The Sisters of Perpetual Resistance who are coming together this Saturday 11th Oct for Feminist Fiesta #001 076cebe6-34b5-40d3-b71a-7b719eef8c17Back to Russell (more on him, his influence and my occupation with his lifetime achievements and prophetic insights in November, when I have much to reveal….), and dismissing the spectacularly standard title, Has Man A Future?, as mere convenience for a man writing in the 1960s, he redeems himself in terms of gender bias by looking universally, suggesting that Man does NOT have a future if MAN alone continues running roughshod, to put it mildly.

Has Man A Future? is charged with currents electrifying my Occupation residency at Performance Space where strands of The Rainbow Tribe project, ostensibly looking at expressions of freedom, will continue to be developed alongside working with Webb-Ellis. The Occupation includes a digital residency on Tumblr.  ‘Shadowing Josephine’ is now entering its second iteration, having become a durational performance (or as long as I’m given to perform it) where I repeat the choreographed nymph-like dance until I drop. It began as a site specific performance looking at race, class, gender  and education within the context of The Art Party and with a particular emphasis on personal and historical references to Scarborough. In accordance with Bob & Roberta Smith’s creative activism:

“There should be a very radical change in education. The young should no longer be taught to over-emphasize the merits of their own countries, to feel pride in those of their compatriots who had shown most skill in killing foreigners…History should be taught from an international point of view with little emphasis on wars and much emphasis upon peaceful achievements, whether in knowledge or in art, or in exploration or adventure.” Russell, Future? p. 131

This radical change is, of course, an extension of human kindness, hope, love and, optimistically, maybe naively, of greater importance than gender, racial and sexual stereotypes (of course it’s all interrelated). The naivety I possess is that these later concerns, the intolerance of which is of continual dangerous consequence, can be overcome with considerable rapidity given the collective will for change – within a generation at most we might alter this absurd bigotry and forge an alternative to “the imperialist supremacist white capitalist patriarchy” (Bell Hooks)

“Not long ago, private disputes were often settled by duels, and those who upheld dueling maintained that it’s abolition would be contrary to human nature. They forgot, as present upholders of war forget that what is called ‘human nature’ is, in the main, the result of custom and tradition and education, and, in civilized men, only a very tiny fraction is due to primitive instinct. If the world could live for a few generations without war, war would come to seem as absurd as dueling has come to seem to us. No doubt there would still be some homicidal maniacs, but they would no longer be heads of Governments.” ibid

I see dueling and warheads as big knobs waving about their, well, sinister, impaling, life-threatening knobs. To celebrate the alternative these vest tops will be on sale at Feminist Fiesta. The day is about celebration, together, but understandably sometimes you just can’t make the party, in which case, you can pick up a Cunts, Cats and Cocktails, or a Vulgar Vulva herephoto 2





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