Rainbow Tribe Chorus Line – open call for participants

A great privilege – I’ve been one of the Conway Cohort for the past six months. The Conway Cohort is Conway Hall’s resident company of dancers and physical theatre performers.

I’m inviting participants – all bodies of all abilities – to perform in The Rainbow Tribe Chorus Line in Conway’s Parade Event on Monday 11th May. 

The Rainbow Tribe is a project looking at radical approaches to freedom of expression, freedom of speech, and freedom to actively participate as a community with a particular shared dream. 

Josephine Baker is at the heart of the project, an artist who paved her own way in ensuring that she remained true to her individuality, sensuality, sexual frankness and cause for activism. 
Workshop/rehearsals to be held 2nd May. 
Please email jademontserrat@yahoo.co.uk with accompanying CV giving an indication of your availability and interest in the project. 
For further information: 


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