Announcing PRESS ROOM’s artist-investigators

PRESS ROOM are delighted to announce that over 20 artist-investigators will participate in the project, including Johanna Berger, Maurice Carlin, Robert Frankle, Pippa Koszerek, Jane Lawson, Gabriele Longega, Filippo Lorenzin, Amy McDonnell, Nicole Mollett, Jade Montserrat, Gaynor O’Flynn, Alice Palamenghi, Fabiola Paz, Monica Rivas, Helen Stratford, Venanzio Straulino, Giuliano Tarlao, Cecilia Tirelli, Valerio Veneruso, Serge Ecker, Kate Walters, Webb-Ellis and Ilaria Zanella.

PRESS ROOM is a temporary community that comes together for an intensive period of dialogue and creative investigation over the period of the Venice Biennale preview week.

The People

Guest editors: Select curators, journalists, thinkers, art world individuals who have been invited to contribute a brief for the reporting team to respond to. These one sentence ideas range from the poetical to the political, the conceptual to the analytical and are aimed to provoke a line of enquiry that one or more reporters will undertake…

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