Kathleen Soriano and Richard Parry brief PRESSROOM

PRESSROOM launched in Venice today with a series of briefings from Guest Editors. Follow @pressroomvenice to hear our artist-investigators responses!

Kathleen Soriano

Art party or party art? @kclSoriano

Anthony d’Offay

Belonging in the future occupies which @ARTISTROOMS?

Richard Parry

Biennale announces hypnotists to be employed as invigilators. Deeper experience promised. @rhmparry

Documentary to begin filming at Venice today exploring what it describes as ‘honey without the bees’. Feature interview. @rhmparry

Critic mauled by rogue family of gerbils. Scenes of pandemonium. @rhmparry

Biennale to issue artists with canoes in bid for efficiency push. online exclusive. @rhmparry

Dealer and gallery director in selfie stick shame. We have the pictures. @rhmparry

Parallel underwater art fair announced to coincide with biennale. Titled floated as ‘Venlantis’. @rhmparry

Sparks fly over so-called ‘performative text incident’. @rhmparry

Royal couple announce baby as artwork and will form basis of next British pavilion show. @rhmparry

Colony of eagles reported…

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