Event conflict: the art world and the UK election

Breakfast press briefings on the second morning of PRESS ROOM ranged from the UK General Election, questions on ‘the zeitgeist’ and originality and a shared concern to respond to the crisis in Nepal.

Peter Heslip (Director Visual Arts, Arts Council England), Candice Jacobs (Artist and Founder, One Thorsby Street), Stuart Cameron (Director Crescent Arts and Curator of Wales in Venice), Jane Lawson (Artist) and Christoperh Kulendran Thomas (Artist) presented the following briefs to the audience of artist-investigators and citizen journalists:

Peter Heslip

Who has voted today? @pheslip

Create the demands for divestvenice2017 @pheslip

Candice Jacobs


If the world of appearances are just a set of illusions then everything is smoke and mirrors. @Candice_Jacobs

Our subconscious mind is part of the crowd and releases a collective desire in conjunction with a desire for collectivity. @Candice_Jacobs

The ultimate human condition and its relationship to consumption, technology, power and control. @Candice_Jacobs


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