Final briefings from Venice

Martin Holman

We can’t talk anymore. Words spilt or spoken are the alta acqua of the Venice Biennale.

The great Biennale disconnect. Which reality does it serve?

In Venice thousands dine. In the sea off Libya hundreds die.

Don’t look now. For artists’ integrity, Venice is the knife-wielding dwarf in the red hooded coat.

At the Biennale, why does Tintoretto always win?

Karolina Markiewicz/Pascal Piron

Too much of water hast thou, poor Ola from Homs, and therefore I forbid my tears. End of hope in Sicily, Biennale in Venice. @kultursalzkaro

Sicile: Le programme de sauvetage de l’UE en 10 points, en action. Point 2: empreintes digitales des survivants. Pas des morts. @kulturstruktur

(Karolina Markiewicz + Pascal Piron) English translation: Sicily: EU rescue programme in 10 action points. Point 2: fingerprints of the survivors. Not of the dead. @kultursalzkaro (Karolina Markiewicz + Pascal Piron)

Mike Stubbs

All you can do is…

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