Swallow the gap

Jade Montserrat responds to Shonagh Manson’s brief “It’s easy to despise the super yachts lining the grand canal as objects and symbols of privilege and inequality, but what more can the stories of the people who live and work on them tell us about the circulation of power?”

– oh cool
– yeah
– so how long do you kind of erm live on here for? Like. Do you live on here all the time or like
– live on here for a year
– oh wow ok
– wow
– wow that’s cool
– how long are you gonna be on here for?
– probably by the end of the summer i’ll be able to leave for two months tops
– ok
– travelling
– wow
– whats your job like what do you do?
– I’m a second engineer
– second engineer
– yeah so running working on…

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