Price on Request

There_s something in the conversation that is more interesting than the finality of-2


This post is about the work I am exhibiting in there’s something in the conversation that is more interesting than the finality of a (title) at The Showroom, London which runs until 5 May 2018. The exhibition represents the culmination of our commitment to the year long Holding Space artist programme at The Showroom.

The work, titled Price on Request, responds to access, invisibility, abuse, violence; and is a filmed documentation of a drawing installation performed to camera at The Showroom on 17 March 2018, one week before the opening, which can only be viewed in the exhibition once the work has been purchased.

In the performance I use charcoal to draw directly onto the gallery wall, appropriating fragments of text extracted from the psychiatric case studies in Frantz Fanon’s book The Wretched of the Earth, 1961. The film consists of the drawing performance followed by a gallery technician ‘making-good’ the wall by painting over it.

For the duration of the exhibition the screen intended for showing the work is mounted on the same east-facing wall in the gallery space, ready for activation. The blank screen, an object without power, might suggest to the viewer that the object is broken. Should the viewer’s curiosity be piqued they might engage an invigilator in conversation regarding the working order of the screen, at which point the invigilator will present the Conditions of Sale document which outlines how the work can be viewed.

Proceeds from the sale of Price on Request will be donated equally to the the following charities all of whom have either directly or indirectly supported me and/or the other artists in the Holding Space Group: Arts EmergencySisters UncutAction for Trans HealthBlack Lives MatterCoDA and The Rainbow Centre, Scarborough.

We would like to find a buyer for the work in order for the film to be viewed by the public and to support these charities, so please circulate amongst your networks and if you have any questions please do get in touch!

You can read more information about the exhibition here
and Matthew Collings’ recent review for The Evening Standard here
Thank you for your time!


Jade Montserrat, Price on Request, 2018, installation view, there’s something in the conversation that is more interesting than the finality of (a title). Commissioned by The Showroom, London.
Photo: Daniel Brooke. © Jade Montserrat. Courtesy the artist.

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